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'' Halloween is my favourite holiday.. idk it just it :3. So my lovelies, be prepared for more spooky blog entry's to come! I hope you all enjoy & HAPPY HALLOWEEN !''

Outfit Information:
Clothing Includes:
Jacket Foxes / The Pagain - Leather Jacket - The Pentagram / NEW! @COLLABOR88
Dress REIGN / Coven Dress - Skulls GATCHA! / NEW! @EPIPHANY 
Tights AVICANDY / Ripped Basic Low Rise - Licorice / @MARKETPLACE

Body Includes:
Hair Lamb / Alice - Eccentric Pack / NEW! @COLLABOR88
Eyebrows Just Magnetized / Natural Brows - Set 1 (tintable) / @MAINSTORE
Neck Tattoo (NO) / Stitched Neck Tattoo / NEW! @COLLABOR88

Accessories Include:
Shoes REIGN / Coven Booties RARE! / NEW! @EPIPHANY
Septum Ring **RE** / Dark Queen Septum Ring P1 / NEW! @THE SEASON'S STORY
Wings➡ Schadenfreude / Devilish Wings / NEW! @THE SEASON'S STORY
Necklace MINIMAL / Monoton Necklace - Silver (50% off) / NEW! @THE SEASON'S STORY
Ring 1 REIGN / Ouija Ring GATCHA! / NEW! @EPIPHANY 
Ring 2 REIGN / Coven Diamond Frame Ring - Gold GATCHA! / NEW! @EPIPHANY
Backpack Zenith / Coffin Backpack - Mixed Red GATCHA! / NEW! @THE SEASON'S STORY

Extra's & Props Include:
Reaper MishMish / Grim Reaper Companion - Soul / NEW! @COLLABOR88
Book Yummy / Recently Deceased Handbook / NEW! @COLLABOR88

(On Table)
Hand Birdy / Altar Set - Palm GATCHA! / NEW! @THE CHAPTER 4 
Skull *May's Soul* / Dark Magic - Skull GATCHA! / NEW! @EPIPHANY 
Scales with weed BUENO / Merch Scale - Black GATCHA! / NEW!@EPIPHANY
Crystal Rocks Birdy / Alter Set - Geord Red GATCHA! / NEW! @THE CHAPTER 4
Candles (with gold plate) RandomMatter / Spirit Set - Candles Gold GATCHA! / NEW! @EPIPHANY
Bottles *May's Soul* / Dark Magic - Bottles GATCHA! / NEW! @EPIPHANY
Candelabra Birdy / Altar Set - Candelebra - Black GATCHA! / NEW! @THE CHAPTER 4

Table Trompe Loeil / Octopus Table - Iron / @MAINSTORE 
Curtains LAQ Decor / Curtains - Multi Texture System / NEW! @MARPETPLACE
Rug Urban Daisies / Mesh Lamb Skin Rug - Black / CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE!
House (used as backdrop) Scarlet Creative / Burtonesque House 1 / NEW! @COLLABOR88


Extra Product Information:

Foxes / The Paigen - Leather Jacket / New item for Collabor88
  • Rigged Mesh version included in sizes XS - M.
  • Version made to fit Belleza (Isis and Freya) mesh body and also the Maitreya mesh body.
  • Hood is a separate attachment, giving you the choice of having a hood up or no hood at all.
  • Each version of this jacket comes with a compatible hood (for example the Maitreya version comes with a Maitreya version hood), which creates a seamless fit for each version.
  • Alpha also included. 

REIGN / Coven Dress / New gatcha item for Epiphany
  • I am currently modeling this dress in the Skulls version but there is also a Crosses and Plain Black version.
  • Comes with size HUD.
  • The size HUD includes Belleza (Isis, Venus and Freya), Maitreya, Slink Physique, The Mesh Project and also an SL Body size.

AVICANDY / Ripped Basic Low-rise Tights / Marketplace item
  • Once purchased comes with clothing layer version.
  • Comes with an applier HUD that includes Maitreya, Slink Physique and Belleza body appliers, as well as the Omega System Applier. 

Lamb / Alice hair / New item for Collabor88
  • Once purchase, this item includes 3 hair bases, a forehead fixer and the hair itself, with both a normal size and boobie size (L) included. 
  • The Eccentric colour pack that I am wearing includes 10 different colours to chose from. 
Just Magnetized / Set 1 / Mainstore item
  • Once purchased these eyebrows include 4 eyebrow shapers and 8 different shades of tintable eyebrows, to ensure a perfect colour match.

Nylon Outfitters / Stitched Neck Tattoo / New item for Collabor88
  • Item includes a tattoo layer and clothing layer version.
  • Also includes a Maitreya Applier.

REIGN / Coven Booties / New gatcha item for Epiphany 
  • Includes a size HUD to fit Belleza (Isis, Freya and Venus), Maitreya, The Mesh Project and Slink Physique mesh bodies.
  • HUD also includes a SL Body option to fit default avatars.

Real Evil Industries / Dark Queen Septum Ring P1 / New item for The Season's Story
  • Once purchased you receive your jewelry, a back up box, a HUD to change the colour of your jewelry, a pose stand, a help centre and an Update Card. 
  • The HUD for the jewelry include 8 different metal options to chose from (this includes basic colors like gold and silver).

Zenith / Coffin Backpack / New item for Epiphany 
  • Comes with a Rigged and Non-Rigged version of the back pack.

MishMish / Grim Reaper Companion / New item for collabor88
  • Companion version of this cute little Grim Reaper comes with a wearable companion version and also 4 different Deco versions.
  • Other versions such as a full mesh avatar of this Grim Reeper are available.
  • This item, when purchased, also includes a HUD that can turn the little light on the grim reapers scythe on or off. The HUD also give you the option of naming your little reaper and  show or hide it from hovering above it. 

LAQ / Curtains / New marketplace item  
  • 100% mesh
  • 1 prim.
  • 41 curtain textures with different themes like floral, kids, tribal, modern, christmas, easter and luxurious.
  • 9 lace trim textures.
  • 6 pole textures.
  • 28 curtain knot textures.

Scarlet Creative / Burtonesque House 1 / New item for Collabor88
  • Full Mesh Product once rezzed.
  • 202 prims.
  • 6 rooms.
  • Up-stairs and down-stairs. 
  • Front and back door.
  • Upstairs balcony.

I hope that you all enjoyed my blog entry for today and found that all the extra information I have included is helpful :3! Thank-you all for the support & stay amazing ♥ ♥ ...

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