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Hey everyone, Today's post is a review on the Hyolee Genetic Skin by one of my absolutely amazing sponsor EGOZY. The Hyolee Skin is brand new to EGOZY and I must say I think it is absolutely freaking amazing! 

Whilst taking these pictures I did not change my shape once and yet this beautifully made skin seems to suit it in any skin tone, this makes the Hyolee skin so versatile and super easy to change your look without hunting for a billion different skins. The skin is available in ten different shades which I think is great, it gives you a wide range of options for your avi. 

Once purchased you receive a great deal of useful add-on's and options in the folder including:

- Two Genetics Nudes Skins {SOFT & BRIGHT} 
- Nine different eyebrows 
- Nine hairbases 
- Lip Gloss
- Body Shape 
- 10 Tattoo Cleavages {M & L Sizes}
- A pair of mesh ears specially textured for your skin.
- Appliers for Slink Hand & Feet, Lola Tango, Phat Azz / Cute Azz, Sking Brazilia, Ghetto Booty and Baby Bump.

Appliers that are sold separately include:
- Slink Body {Physique}
- TMP {The Mesh Project} Body
Sking (BraziliaDoll) Body 
- Maitreya Body 
- KL*Lena Lush Body 
- Banned Body 
- Belleza Body 
- WowMeh (Compatible only with SlinkFeet)


Extra Info: 
After reading the last paragraph or two some of you might be wondering what the difference is between the Two Genetics Nudes Skins {SOFT & BRIGHT} that EGOZY include in all there skins. It's a small difference which changes your whole look, it is a noticeable difference but only once compared with a side by side picture. The soft is more of a natural skin tone where as the bright has more of a contoured appearance to the face, a useful and handy little change that gives you the option of a cute, natural and all round beautiful skin or all that but with a slightly more glamorous edge. 


So once writing this review what are my thoughts on this skin? I think it is one of the best skins EGOZY has made and is defiantly going to become a skin I will wear for a little while after this post. I love the fact that with the lighter tones is gives a some what Asian look to it which I find beyond cute! It has so much to offer and I would defiantly say if you guys buy this skin it will be a amazing purchase and money very well spent. 

Although some appliers are sold separately, I think the pros weigh out the cons in so soo many ways that I just couldn't let that effect the overall review of this skin. It's defiantly a skin worth showing off so don't be surprised to see me rocking this bad boy in my future posts for a while :>.

You can purchase the Hyolee Genetic Skin from the EGOZY Official Marketplace here


Other items worn in this review:
Hair / Taketomi | Mami in Blacks | @MAINSTORE
Bow in Hair / Spellbound | Adored Bow | @MAINSTORE
Bodysuit / So Hai | Sweetest Body in Black | NEW! @WHORE COUTURE
Tattoos / Datum | Bikers Road Tattoo | NEW! @CARNEVIL
Mesh body / Slink | Physique Mesh Body | @MAINSTORE
Mesh Hands and Feet / Slink | Elegant & Flat Feet | @MAINSTORE


I hope you all enjoyed my review and if you have any thoughts, questions, concerns or anything else feel free to contact me I would love to get feed back from you lovelies :3! 

I am also going to be doing a review on the other two skins from EGOZY that are new and exclusive for the skin fair so make sure to keep your eyes peeled {I will be posting it in a coulple days}!

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